Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Late Night at The Esplanade: Concave Scream hush
Esplanade Recital Studio 30 March 07, Friday, 9.30pm Tickets at $25 Available at the Esplanade Box Office & All Sistic Outlets

Hi folks, we're really excited and at the same time, nervous about this one in Mar. That's mainly because we're going to put up an acoustic 'thingy' for the first time since ..er 12 yrs! We're really glad to be approached by the Esplanade to do this show and we think that it would be the perfect sit-down setting for this semi- nostalgic event. We'll be playing alot of 'slow' songs from our first album onwards. Many of which we never got to play live before. So please do join us for this special occasion if you can. We promise it'll be just that, 'special'.